tiblygutierrez asked:

Dude, your work is very amazing! How long did it take for you to adapt to your skill?! How do you paint? Like I suck at painting and I feel like your level is soo advanced!!! You are amazing!!!

Oh, you know. I’ve drawn stuff all my life. Got serious a few years ago and have been studying the fundamentals of art ever since (now I work as an illustrator and concept artist). Took something like 3 years of studying art during ALL my free time while still in school to become sort of okay. Now that I have the ability to spend all my time on it I’m probably going to get better a lot faster. 

How I paint? Well that’s a tricky question. Every part of my painting is supported by my understanding of fundamentals (color, light, form, perspective, anatomy, composition, edges, texture and all of that stuff). I work digitally but I don’t really have any good examples of the process I use. I basically do the same thing as Dave Rapoza (but not nearly as good as he does it) and you can find a lot of suff about his process via google. 

Thanks, by the way!